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B.O.V. Solutions, Inc. — Global suppliers and promoters of bag-on-valve technology, in partnership with Lindal Group, proudly introduces the first BOV/Continuous Spray Dispensing System capable of spraying 100% pure cooking oils.

We call this new technology the Oil Only™ Spray System, which dispenses cooking and other similar oils by the very stuff we breathe — air — making this system the greener alternative for spraying oils. There is no longer the need for blending agents, gas propellants or any of the many other additives found in conventional aerosol cooking sprays.

The Oil Only™ Spray System prolongs product shelf life because the oil is isolated in a four-layer airtight pouch, eliminating possibility of oxidation. Oils remain fresh from the day packaged until the day used. With nothing but pure oils —and maybe some flavorings like butter—there simply is no healthier way to spray cooking oils. Consumers prefer naturally fresh-tasting products. By using the B.O.V. Solutions Oil Only™ Spray System with Triple Action Dispensing, 'Delicious' is now easier than ever! How It Works:
From a distance of about 6-10”, spray over salads, meats, vegetables, and other foods by adjusting finger pressure on the actuator to deliver just a few drops, a steady stream, or fully depress for a nice spray. You can adjust the amount of oil sprayed by using short bursts while moving from side to side over your food, or longer bursts for more coverage. Once you master this technique, you’ll love the Oil Only™ Spray System!
The Time to Switch is Now!
With the Oil Only™ Spray System, you can keep your current look or you may decide it’s time to make a design switch. You may use any three-piece tin, two-piece steel, or any standard or shaped aluminum can. Regardless, the future is here and your options and possibilities to grow your Cooking Oil Spray line are endless.

BOV Solutions conducted their own survey by randomly selecting 20 consumers who have used or are currently using cooking oil sprays. The purpose was to get reactions and feedback from them after using the Oil Only™ Spray System. We encourage you to conduct your own survey, and you’ll find for yourself like we did, that 9 out of 10 cooks prefer the Oil Only™ Spray System over conventional aerosol cooking sprays. It’s a no-brainer, so give your Oil Only™ Spray System representative a call today.
'Delicious' is Now Easier Than Ever!
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