Air Powered Aerosol

At BOV Solutions we are dedicated to creating cutting edge products that exceed a very high level of compliance.  Including, CARB, AQMD, EPA, SQF, USDA, NSF and REACH, to name a few.  Bag on Valve dispensing systems help products atomize in a best in class manner allowing for 360 degree spraying, but most importantly they perform the following key attributes:


  • Extend a products shelf life
  • Impede degradation and oxidation
  • Ensure a contaminate free environment – all crucial for personal care, OTC and food products.


Here at BOV Solutions we have pioneered new applications that utilize specific technical, pharmaceutical and food grade inert propellants that provide the same performance benefits as the Bag on Valve system.  With these inert gas system one cannot spray in any direction like a BOV, but many personal care, OTC and food aerosol products can be made at a lower cost utilizing this technology, making them now affordable to wider audience including certain markets that have never had these kinds of high end products before.


All water based and oil based cooking sprays, all First Aid, Epidermal Care and Orifice Flushing products, Muscle and Arthritis sprays and many personal care and sun care products are now being made utilizing this technology.


Ask us how we can improve your product while drastically reducing your costs.